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Machined aluminum and orange anodized Full Flow Bowl Cap. 17MM hex size. The "Bowl" shape as seen on this cutaway part tells the story. The Fuel is now directed in a better way to the main jet / needle circuit. The result is cleaner carburation, no "hiccup" / cough in G outs and whoops. It has tested well in Dyno. runs.
Applications: All 4-stroke models with Kehin FCR and 2-stroke PWK Carbs.
Designed into this assembly is a sized o-ring for each application to isolate it from the vibrations/ harmonics of the engine. This is a redundant feature, which users may appreciate.

This assembly is offered in slightly different configurations depending on application.

For instance the new Kawasaki KXF 250 has a very cramped area around the float bowel, so small steps are cut in the square handle to greatly improve its usability.