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Fork, Compression/Rebound Adjuster WP KTM, Husq.Berg
The stock plastic adjuster is hard to grip (3 sided)and turn. Also, it is difficult to read which way to rotate for Harder or softer setting.

Applications: All WP froks KTM, Husky, Berg models with top flat-head screw mounting.

This 4 sided design offers good grip (with gloves on), and we engraved the + / - (hard/ soft) as well as rotational arrows. Safe, quick adjustments are easily handled. Feel the difference, one click at a time. Either compression or rebound, you will be changing the "Ride Height" of the front end. Affecting the handling of the motorcycle for that days conditions. Compression adjustment on Closed cartridge SX/XC models. (shown) Rebound adjustment on Open Cartridge XCW/EXC models.