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P/N 95-15  KTM Oil Drain Tool
Application: All Models 2008-2017 KTM ,Berg, Husqvarna 125,150,250,300,450,500,501 2 stroke and 4 stroke.
Instruct: Locate the side drain plug on your KTM 4 stroke (generally left) or 2 stroke (usually right) depending on your model. Lay the bike over, opposite the drain. Remove magnetic plug and install the STR drain tool seating the O-ring seal hand tight. Then add the supplied Tubing over the barb end of the drain toll. With catch pan located, lift the bike back to its wheels, oil dropping into the pan.

At this point, you can replace the stock drain bolt and fill with recommended amount of oil using the check screw for proper oil level. Or a faster and more accurate, as well as confidence inspiring trick is to Rotate the drain tube 180 degree on the fitting, so that when the bike is lifted the tube is facing upward. Now get the bike placed level and fill with recommended oil amount and type, by using the check screw. Now, notice the oil level in the clear drain tube... This is a positive visual of the actual oil level. By comparing, this
position or level to the position of the check screw better faster work habits can be made.