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WP  Shock High Speed Compression Tool


The National motocross teams arrive early at each event. Likewise with GNCC teams, and at National and World Enduro rounds. Notice, how many top riders in these events "tweak" there settings between motos and at gas stops etc. That is because they are seeking to Balance the suspension front to rear. They are adapting the settings to the terrain on a given day.

WHY Because, IF... you work with these settings, systematically one a time... you can acquire knowledge and understanding... Experience.. You begin to recognize, how this amazing technology.. that is the complete suspension package works.

What is High Speed Compression: It is all about the shock PISTON speed … Square edges… Think when the rear wheel is driven into a four inch high edge like a curb. The piston is driven like a bullet from a gun. This forces a lot of shock oil through the piston, more than it can handle.

The High speed circuit is in play, as the oil pushes against and displaces a spring. This is the spring that the High Speed Nut preloads.

What is Low Speed Compression… Basically, think smaller edges 2inch stuff and rolling terrain like hitting woops a bit slower and your wheels are not leaving the ground. Like when you just stand beside your bike and hold the front brake and compress the fork, or aside the bike put a foot on the foot peg and press down. This is SLOW piston speed. No sharp or square edges that are high enough to "shoot" the piston into High Speed, think explosive acceleration.

Overlap: Also relevant, is that these two adjustments overlap or effect each other. Which is why we always do one thing at a time.

The CNC milled 17mm 12 point wrench slips over the High Speed Compression hex nut, and is held in place with a 3mm "pinch bolt". No more need to pack a heavy 17mm wrench in your tool kit.

You are now able to just stop and reach down and make a change, no time lost or frustration to remove gear and dig in a pack for a wrench. Rotate CW ..more damping or CCW softer damping, and immediately ride / test your change. You are feeling the "active ride height". Just like the shock spring, the dampening "holds" the bike up. . And remember, the rear shock valve settings affect the Feel of the front end. Why, for instance a firmer compression setting will transmit more forces to the front. These setting change the weight bias, or Loading front to rear.