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p/n 46-05 KTM Linkage Guard
The guard is made light weight and strong. We do it with "programed" material thickness, tapering material thickness while using strength analyses, through out the part design.

The issue is the fragile "A Link", Which is exposed to damage, under the motorcycle. The most common technique... Gas It !, a challenge to the pilot to Wheelie over and ride through rocks logs etc. without dabbing / paddling. Speed and inertia is your friend. within reason

Why is the "A Link" fragile... Larger diameters are needed to hold the grease seals on either side of this lower pivot. So, now the material wall thickness , adjacent the seals is thinner and vulnerable to damage. Wack this A link pivot once or twice, you can rupture / break this seal / press fit area. Water, mud RUST... the action of the rear suspension suffers... "A link" replacement cost
and Labor hours cost... what a waste.

This lower cost one piece design, is all about protecting the exposed "A Link", the thin Wall thickness, outer exposed edge, the seals press into. We are creating a "bridge" of material over it. This Bridge is founded / mated, on the Shock Clevis to either side of the a link. SOLID So, GAS IT, and don't worry about damage to the Link !

And NO, the MUD Flap style guards are not enough, you WACK a rock, rock forces the plastic shield directly into the Fragile seal area. DAMAGE Will be posting pics soon.