Press Coverage
Colorado 600 Bike

      Well Jim from BRP has done it again with another beautiful build of a KTM 300 xcw
 for the Colorado 600 this year. It looks as though he thoughtfully applied a fine group of upgrades.
STR supplied our Speed Bleed Valves, Forking Damping Adjusters, Rear Caliper Radiator,
Oil Fill Cap, Clutch Cover Guard, and Rear Brake Pedal Plate. Jeff at Slaven's Racing supplied
his tune up to the suspension components.
     Chris Green from 'Dirt Rider' had the pleasure of piloting the bike at the 2012 Colorado 600.
From all accounts he had a great time and loved the improvements to the bike. Look for a test
and details on the ride from Chris in an upcoming 'Dirt Rider' issue.

 John STR

Check out the 'Dirt Rider' issue.