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MOUNT (Hand-Guard End Insert) MOUNT (Hand-Guard End Insert) Clutch Case Saver KTM 4 Stroke
P/N: 77-01

P/N: 77-01

P/N: 42-45

Clutch Case Saver KTM 4 Stroke Clutch Slave Guard KTM Clutch Case Saver KTM 4 Stroke
P/N: 42-11

P/N: 42-08

P/N: 42-65

Clutch Cover Guard, KTM, Husaberg  250-300, 2 Stroke  04-12yr Aluminum Clutch Cover Guard for KTM 400, 450, & 530 Clutch Cover Guard, KTM, Husaberg, 250-350,4 stroke SXF XCF XCW  EXC   14-16yr
P/N: 43-05

P/N: 43-06

P/N: 43-07

Aluminum Clutch Cover Guard for KTM  2013-14  250-300 2 Stroke Clutch Cover Guard,KTM, Husqvarna 450/500, 4 stroke  XCW/EXC .. FE/FC..  12-16yr Clutch Cover Guard, KTM, Husqvarna, 125-150-200, 2 Stroke,  SX,XC,XCW...TE,FC 09-16 yr
P/N: 43-08

P/N: 43-09

P/N: 43-10

Clutch Cover Guard,  KTM  250-300,  2 stroke  SX, XC,XCW   17-19 yr Linkage Guard, for KTM,  ALL  Linkage models yr 16-20 Front Disc Guard for dirt bikes
P/N: 43-75

P/N: 46-05

P/N: 20-05

Rear Disc Guard, KTM, Husqvarna, yr 04-2020
Rear disc guard, sharing design points from our proven Front Disc Guard.

_U.H.M.W. plastic outer edge guard, mates to G10 composite "Fin" fastened to the caliper bracket.
What does this all mean.
_ The UHMW plastic is a GLIDE plate concept . When you Crunch into rocks etc, the oil impregnated plastic, lets you slip through the obstacle, with less speed scrubbed off.
_ The G10 fiber composite "FIN" is super strong and incredibly light weight.
_ Both of these pieces have their color molded through out their material thickness. They will not readily show scratches, mashes or bashes or grind marks, as aluminum does after a few rides.
_ A 25 to 20 mm collar is supplied to suit the 20mm axle. Loctite is used to fix in place. (propane torch is used to disassemble, if needed)
_ This is a modular design. It has not occured, but if you need parts, we've got them.
_ Accommodates larger disc sizes.