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WRENCH (Motion Pro Tire Iron Adaptor, 17-32mm Axle) WRENCH (KTM, Husqvarna & GasGas, WP Fork Tool/ Multi Tool) ADAPTER (KTM Oil Drain Tool)
P/N: 95-35
P/N: 95-05
P/N: 95-15

MOUNT (Hand-Guard End Inserts) CAP (Oil Filler) Hi Speed adj. Wrench / 17mm  WP and KYB Shock
CAP (Oil Filler)
Our Price: $20.00
P/N: 77-01

P/N: 41-05 yr2000-22

P/N: 95-25
KNOB (Fork Compression/Rebound Adjuster WP) COOLER (Rear Master Cylinder, KTM, 2 & 4 Stroke) VALVE, XACT AER 2020-24 and WP Xplor 2019 + prev.   older open cart. fork
P/N: 10-05

P/N: 30-05 Brembo Round Cap

P/N: 10-21

Valve WP Xplor 2020-23 + 4csFork(all) + All older Open Cart. forks. And MX TECH "Lucky" TPI Sensor Guard for 2 Stroke 150-250-300 KTM XCW TPI/ Husq TEi  GasGas -yr2022 Speed Bleeders - WP AER Fork Pressure Relief
P/N: 10-22
Dual piston and cylinders in each valve. Highly reliable.

Protect your throttle position sensor from being damaged by debris and keep your bike running. Replaces the stock lightweight, weak plastic cover. Will  protect your $350+ sensor and ensure you don't get stranded while riding in the fun spots because your bike will not run if the sensor becomes damaged. P/N: 10-25

Rear Brake Pedal Plate,adjustable,(angled mount) ALL MODELS 16-2023 yr pn: 88-06 P/N 10-35  VALVEs, WP  Cone Valve fork and WP Kits 7543,7548,6500,6800  6mm thread. Brake pedal shown on 2010 KTM
Rear Brake Pedal Plate , angle mounting, 3 way adjustable. Speed Bleed Valve set, Cone Valve Fork, 6mm thread, also 7543,7548,6500, 6800  Forks / WP Kits.  All these applications using Fork Cap shown in picture.  Add lube to R-rings and install, with wrench supplied, ( Light torque, to seat rubber seal of Rings). P/N: 88-05

Clutch Case Saver KTM 4 Stroke Clutch Case Saver KTM 4 Stroke Clutch Slave Guard KTM
P/N: 42-45

P/N: 42-11

P/N: 42-08

MOUNT (Hand-Guard End Inserts, HSS, Ground Tap Included) Clutch Case Saver KTM 4 Stroke Rear Caliper Radiator 03-23yr KTM/Husqvarna / Brembo caliper
P/N: 77-01

8 mm Hex Wrench cut into each insert, for install and removal.

P/N: 42-65

P/N: 26-05

p/n 26-15 Rear Caliper Radiator 18-22 Husqvarna Magura Clutch Cover Guard, KTM, Husaberg  250-300, 2 Stroke  04-12yr Clutch Cover Guard, KTM, Husaberg, 250-350,4 stroke SXF XCF XCW  EXC   14-16yr
All Husqvarna  125-501 yr 2018-2022 Magura caliper P/N: 43-05

P/N: 43-07

Aluminum Clutch Cover Guard for KTM  2013-14  250-300 2 Stroke Clutch Cover Guard,KTM, Husqvarna 450/500, 4 stroke  XCW/EXC .. FE/FC..  12-16yr Clutch Cover Guard, KTM, Husqvarna, 125-150-200, 2 Stroke,  SX,XC,XCW...TE,FC 09-16 yr
P/N: 43-08

P/N: 43-09

P/N: 43-10

Linkage Guard for all Husqvarna models with  linkage yr 16-22 KTM,  Oil Pressure Test Kit,  yr 08-2024, 250-530cc  FS models. Front Disc Guard for dirt bikes
P/N: 46-06

Test and understand the real pressure output of the oiling system, in your four stroke KTM, Husqvarna or GasGas. Know what the proper specified idle and high RPM (6000) oil pressure actually is. So it can be diagnosed and repaired. Before harm is done.

Hands on use of the gage raises awareness and consideration of the Oil Pressure System, the whole machine, and the care of it.
P/N: 20-05

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